• Plan

    Understand the requirement.

    Take time to uncover the real questions.

  • Collect

    Access the identified sources.

    Gather original data.

  • Collate

    Filter the reporting.

    Standardise into useful comparisons.

  • Analyse

    Prepare a detailed, layered assessment of the data.

    Clearly separate fact from opinion.

  • Report

    Present the right information to the right people at the right time.

    Ensure the reader can absorb the key message quickly and easily.

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DGS is an independent provider of effective intelligence support to business. We deliver high quality, understandable, and actionable documents customised to help you make business better decisions. We have over 20 years’ experience collecting, analysing, and reporting for audiences at every level.

We combine UN, government, military, and academic training with a wealth of worldwide operational experience to deliver unrivalled expertise. We are committed to “live solutions” that deliver accurate, current, and, above all, human solutions you can immediately understand and use in your business.

Intelligence-based support 

All our work is based on the application of the Intelligence Cycle in the business world. In simple terms, this means structured collection of requirements, information collection, analysis, and reporting.

All this sounds simple, but it’s surprising how often it is overlooked by providers who prefer a one-solution-fits-all approach. Our solutions are made to measure.


Due Diligence 

A uniquely transparent assessment of the operational, reputational, and compliance risks to your business. Presented clearly in a readily- understandable form to help identify and quantify commercial risk.


Security Audit 

A systematic and independent review of security procedures, systems, and practices. Presented with actionable recommendations for improvements or maintenance that are based on real world scenarios and cost models.


Threat Assessment 

A well-structured identification and careful analysis of the hazards to your business. Presented complete with the supporting data on which we based our conclusions.