About Us

DGS was established in 2008 as an independent provider of professional intelligence-based support to the private sector. Our intent is to help business focus on their core tasks, while we assist with reviews, plans, and forewarning of trouble.

There’s no mysterious algorithm behind this; no magic formula. Our work is based on the first class analytical methods of highly-experienced and well-qualified experts who deliver clear, insightful, articulate, and easily-understood prose. 

Most security consultancies will tell you this, generally with good reason.

What really sets us apart, however, is our commitment to live products. All our work, along with supporting detail, is carried on our unique secure portal, called intellipaedia-2013.png(More...)

This simple, clear, intuitive system gives you access to everything produce, in a form with which you are by now readily familiar. Using common, but secure, web technology, we build layered assessments couched in human terms, using simple and defined terms, standard scales, and as many graphics as possible to provide informed opinions you can quickly understand and use straight away.

With over 20 years collecting, analysing, and reporting on intelligence for every level of audience, DGS has the experience and insight to support you.

Some highlights from our resume:

  • Due diligence on suppliers, retail partners, and senior staff for global technology manufacturer.
  • Threat assessment and intelligence-based support for a global super event.
  • Threat assessment training for an international mining corporation.
  • Security audit for major international manufacturing facilities.
  • Operational research at a Formula One motorsport grand prix
  • Threat assessments for F1 Grand Prix
  • Security review of an international retail superstore.
  • Security review of an international sporting event
  • Travel security review for visiting teams at an international sporting event
  • Security review for expatriate staff at an international academic institution
  • Internal security investigation at an international logistics centre
  • Executive travel security planning and training
  • Field survey for high-risk infrastructure development project
  • Executive protection threat assessment and support planning for the regional headquarters of a multinational corporation 
  • Bank security review
  • Operational review of a major correctional facility
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for an international super event security task force
  • WMD Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Some of our recent (real and virtual) travel stamps:

  • Asia:  Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Middle East: Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE
  • North Africa: Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia
  • Europe: Turkey, Russia
  • South Asia: Afghanistan, Pakistan
  • Africa: Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sudan, DR Congo