Intelligence-Based Support

All our work is based on the application of the Intelligence Cycle. In simple terms, this means structured collection of requirements, information collection, analysis, and reporting.

Intelligence is not simply espionage, or phone intercepts. Intelligence refers to an entire process that transforms raw information, no matter where it comes from, into intelligence. 


It makes information mean something. It requires a measure of analysis, some context, and comparison. It also requires the benefit of experience to add assessments of validity and reliability.

The intelligence cycle is the structured process we use to define, deliver, and refine all our research projects. This process – and the skills we have developed over many use to implement the methodology in the real world - can be utilised by any business. The expertise is not limited to governments alone.


Although this may appear quite obvious, it is often overlooked by providers who prefer a more template-driven approach. We believe every client needs their own solution, developed with innovation and some flair, to meet the individual requirements of each customer. Our well-structured and cost-effective methods can be applied to almost any field.

We are committed to continuous improvement, but as a very real methodology and we insist that each new product is better than the last. To quote a famous sports brand, “there is no finish line.” There is no perfect, only better than last time.


Our assessments and information are presented using our multi-layered portal, called intellipædia®, which provides clients with an intuitive and transparent insight into the data behind our conclusions.


Intelligence_Pyramid.pngStructured so that a single, simple interface can meet the requirements of all levels within an organisation, also provides a collaborative information-gathering platform that helps generate and organize vital specific security information.



intellipædia® fuses modern professional intelligence architecture and the latest web technology to deliver structured, consistent, timely, credible, and focused research and analysis of information that can support clients' understanding of its environment, competitors, opportunities, challenges, and even itself. The system is NOT automated, as we firmly believe in the man (or woman) in the loop. Analysis is a uniquely human nuanced endeavour that no machine can completely replicate.

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