Intellipædia is at the heart of everything we do. Every report we write is available to the customer, and only that customer, through our secure internet portal. Our work is layered, beginning with a direct summary, and then adding further strata of supporting details and data in the background

Requiring almost no training to use, Intellipædia allows our customers to easily access their products and, more importantly, the source materials on which our intelligence assessments are based. The intellipaedia pyramid shows how each layer of the assessment supports the next.

Our assessments are live. A documentary report is inevitably out of date the moment it goes to the client. Web technology makes it possible to update – and highlight – a single word if necessary.

There’s no software to install, no server to set up, and no licence fees. Access is included with all our assessments and reports. This service also features secure download facilities, reducing the burden on your email in-tray and archives, while you can make resources accessible to whichever colleagues you decide is required.