Security audit

Security checks are the milestones and waypoints that form an essential part of confidence building and continuous improvements.  Periodic, objective reviews of security procedures, systems, and practices can help ensure your intentions are both articulated fully and, more importantly, that reality matches your planning.

A systematic review includes a wide range of factors.. In particular, we examine not only technical specifications but also response capabilities.  For example, we check that cameras are the generating the correct resolution of image, that video compression rates are appropriate for useful recall, and the cameras are situated in the right place.

A good security audit examines not only the systems, alarms, locks, and guards, but also pays attention to “then what?” That is, if a camera records something, or if an alarm is tripped, what happens next and how long does it take? Can the staff detect anything and react if something happens?

The follow a systematic and thorough procedure, including interviews with senior staff, facility tours, tests and questionnaire to explore understanding and capabilities, and where possible random discussions with ground level security and facility personnel.

We also ensure the solutions create value: no point in spending US$ 1m to save 50c!